16th International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns

In this most extraordinary of times it is now blatantly clear that the human race must abolish war in its entirety.  Conscientious objectors worldwide play our part in asserting the human right for people not to be made to participate either physically or financially in the conduct of war.  

It is all about the money.  It is our money which funds military preparations and actions and we are obliged to pay whether we agree or not.  For conscientious objectors the right to divert the taxes they pay to the military, towards nonviolent conflict resolution is a first step in demilitarising the Earth.

CPTI continues to bring this issue before the UN at every opportunity.  Every five years, each country has to report to the UN Human Rights Council on its human rights.  During this process citizen groups are able to challenge their country’s human rights record.  Tax objectors have made statements in person at the UN, the latest being Jan Hellebaut from Belgium in September 2021.

This conference has been planned to coincide with the UN Human Rights Council session at which we expect a resolution on conscientious objection to military service.  (Both the resolution and our conference are postponed from September 2021).  There will be a possibility  before and after the conference to attend the sessions.

We call on peace activists everywhere to join us in Geneva at this crucial time and to give this cause a boost.

Preliminary Programme

Date(s) Activities
Friday 16th Arrivals
Supper – Britannia Pub or La Brasserie (both close to the main railway station)
Introductory Session – national reports (?)
Saturday 17th General Assembly, Quaker House, 13 Avenue de Mervelet, 09.00 – 18.00
Lunch: Tea Room du Bouchet (c200m)
Supper: Fondue at Café de Soleil, Petit Sacconex (c300m) - to be reserved
Sunday 18th (“optional”) outing to La Salève, just across the French border (costs approx €70), followed by historic “peace trail” walk in Geneva.
Monday 19th – Friday 30th September (and/or if wished Monday 12th – Friday 16th September, or any weekdays in this period)
  opportunity of accreditation to and attendance at UN Human Rights Council.
Proceedings may include: The history of CPTI (or the Peace Tax movement) Derek Brett (Friday evening or Saturday morning).
Background to the CO resolution at the Human Rights Council - Derek Brett, Saturday?

NGO panel on lobbying at the UN

An explicit military tax?  Switzerland and Colombia


will be in budget hotels, all the hostel-type accommodation in Geneva being already fully-booked for that weekend. Cost of accommodation is included in the conference fee.


Allow €30 per day (Geneva is an expensive city).  Free local transport is included in the room price.

Conference fee

The fee covers accommodation booked by CPTI, meals on Friday evening and Saturday lunchtime and evening and miscellaneous costs CHF280 / €270 / £230 , with a 50%  supplement for a single room.   Not covered in the fee are breakfasts and any costs on Sunday. 

We hope to set up a voluntary travel cost sharing arrangement which may help to broaden the geographical range of participants.


It is envisaged that the main languages will be English, German and Spanish. Professional interpretation will not be provided, but it is hoped that participants will be able to offer informal interpretation as necessary.


We have set up a registration form on this website.  The link to it is here.

Enquiries should be made to Robin or Derek :

Robin Brookes, President  : chair@peacetaxinternational.org

(+44) 78 380 13619

Derek Brett - Representative to UN Geneva :  news@peacetaxinternational.org

 (+41)  77 444 4420